Mount Hood, Oregon

Mount Hood is Oregon's tallest mountain at 3426 metres (11,239 feet). Unfortunately, I picked a cloudy, snowy day near the end of April to visit the area; I couldn't actually see the mountain, but I still came away with a few good pictures.

The Hood River, flowing amid a lush forest:

[Hood River photo] [Hood River photo]

The snowfall picked up considerably as I drove up the mountain. It was tough taking this picture of a roadside waterfall amid the heavy snow:

[Roadside falls photo]

I barely managed to get my rented Pontiac Sunfire 6000 feet up snowy Mount Hood, but eventually I reached Timberline Lodge, a mountain resort referred to as "the greatest of all Oregon accommodations". Timberline has the longest ski season in North America at 351 days each year.

On a clear day, directly behind the lodge is a beautiful view of Mount Hood. On a cloudy, snowy day, you see this instead:

[Timberline Lodge photo] [Timberline Lodge photo]