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Getting Down to Basics

For a list of other things to keep in mind during the production phase, see the list of requirements for the WDG Award.

After getting familiar with HTML and creating basic documents, more advanced tools can be used to create and edit the HTML pages manually. Why do anything manually when you can do it automatically? Just like anything, the finest quality, most advanced products are created by hand. (Rolex, Lotus, a Fine Suit, an Elegant Dress...)

Other resources to check in regards to the production phase can be found on the WDG's Links page, as well as a detailed description of the HTML language.

Please note, the WDG is currently working on a Beginners Guide to HTML Authoring. It will be available in the near future. This guide will be a step by step guide to hand coding with HTML. However, the WDG recommends that those just starting out use one of the tools such as Microsoft's Internet Assistant. After the document has been saved as an .htm file, it can be opened in any text editor such as Notepad or an HTML editor such as DiDa. The markup tags can then be viewed and the WDG's HTML Reference will explain in detail what each one does.

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